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In 1957 Dolores & Julian Varela Opened Lolita's Tamales on the corner of Whittier Boulevard and Indiana. They ran their little shop for 14 years then in 1971 they sold it to a sister and brother named Noemi and Pompeyo. For the next 16 years, they ran Lolita's together. It seemed like it would all continue as always until the "1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake" then it all came tumbling down, the building where Lolita's had been for the past 30 years got condemned due to the damage of the earthquake. Something also happened after the earthquake, something that caused the siblings to part ways for good. Noemi with her nephews Startup Sandra's & Lolita's Tamales now just Sandra's Tamales meanwhile Pompeyo goes off with his children to start up Lolita's Tamales.

Most people called Noemi Lolita because she was the face of the shop from what I hear. Noemi or Lolita as most of the older clients knew her died in May of 2012 She hated having her photo taken but I was able to get a few of her. The photos below are of her, I leave these photos here as a reminder. The face of Lolita's Tamales for about 41 years.

Photos and corrections coming as soon as I get people to check it out for me.